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Get To Know Queso

Ooey-Gooey Origins Queso dip has been a popular restaurant menu item dating back to the 19th century when Tex-Mex cuisine originated. An abbreviation for chile con queso, this melted cheese dish has maintained its traditional molten makeup over the years—and evolved…
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The Wide World Of Flavor In 2022

Every year, there are new developments related to consumer tastes. To keep up with the menu innovations that attract their attention, just follow the trends and insights. Here’s a journey into the wide world of flavor happening now. Go Greek…
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Another Look At The Market For Soups

Consumers are doubling down on their demand for healthier, ready-to-eat foods to be their best selves. They’re looking for foods with functional benefits and inspired by global flavors taking the world by storm. This has led to outpouring of interest…
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Hit Refresh On The Trends For 2022

As the trajectory of the pandemic continues to cast an uncertain future, it’s difficult to forecast new trends. So how does one feed consumer hunger for new and interesting dining options, at a time when no trendy flavors are rising…
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What’s In Store For Food In 2022

Whole Foods released its seventh consecutive report outlining the top ten most-anticipated food trends of the coming year. The company determines this list by consulting a trends council of more than 50 of their team members—including local foragers, regional and global…
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Pulling Ahead at the Drive-Thru with Technology

There’s no doubt that the pandemic drove more consumers to get their meals on the go. Drive-thru traffic increased 26 percent in the April, May, and June of 2020 and represented 42 percent of all restaurant traffic during those months. By…
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Employee Spotlight: Karrie Menz, Vice President of QA

In the two-and-a-half years Vice President of QA Karrie Menz has been with Surlean Foods, she has been exceeding expectations and working tirelessly to advance the company’s strong food safety culture. She oversees quality assurance activities at both the Dallas…
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