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Achieving Clean Label = Crave-able Flavor + Color + Texture


The move to clean label products is not new.  Food manufacturers and restaurants have been slowly moving towards cleaner labels for years.  Euromonitor estimated that global clean label food sales in 2020 will be worth $180 billion, up from $165 billion in 2015.*

Over that time period, the thing that has changed is the actual definition of clean label. It’s a term that is not well-defined by any specific governing body, so the interpretation is left up to restaurants and food manufacturers to read consumers’ minds. Ingredion conducted a global consumer insights study with 30,000 participants in 37 countries to understand the factors that influence consumer choice.* “Globally, 82% of consumers find it important to recognize the ingredients in the foods and beverages they buy, and for 81%, a short and simple ingredient list is important,” says Pat O’Brien, Ingredion Regional Platform Leader (Clean & Simple Ingredients, US/Canada). In today’s world, clean label could be associated with no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, Non-GMO, minimally processed, humane, all natural, and many more designations.

What products do you have on your menus that still contain ingredients that can may not be considered “clean label”? Have you moved to clean label but are not happy with the overall flavor, texture, or mouthfeel? 

Surlean Foods can help in achieving cleaner labels and products without preservatives through:

  • Custom recipe development utilizing both culinary and food science knowledge. We create natural substitutions that still deliver exceptional flavor and mouthfeel that keep customers coming back for more
  • Hot filling of kettle cooked products to ensure food safety and quality, without the need for preservatives
  • Our experience in utilizing natural preservatives to extend shelf life
  • Both refrigerated and frozen-finished product options depending on shelf life requirements
  • Final product preparation through hot water bath, barring any possibility of cross-contamination prior to opening the fully reheated bag and serving

Contact us today to help you with your clean label initiatives. 

Source for Euromonitor quote:

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