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Another Look At The Market For Soups

Stacy Bailey

Consumers are doubling down on their demand for healthier, ready-to-eat foods to be their best selves. They’re looking for foods with functional benefits and inspired by global flavors taking the world by storm. This has led to outpouring of interest for soups.

As a healthy and nutritious alternative to other ready-to-eat foods, soups are deliciously satisfying and rewarding. Consumer awareness of healthy eating has significantly increased in recent years. Wellness is a topic of general interest and a buzzword featured in social media and watercooler conversations. Now, soups are gaining in popularity because of their unique combination of nutrition and taste.1 This makes it an inspired item to add to your menu to appeal to a growing, health-focused consumer audience. And soups are frequently appealing to individuals looking for organic, gluten-free and even vegan dining options.1

In addition to the interest in its functional benefits, soups are attracting attention because of the ongoing investment in new product launches and offerings inspired by different ethnic flavors.1 Asian-inspired soups, such as Vietnamese Pho, are significantly increasing in appearance on menus.1 Around the world, soups are regarded for their ability to promote digestion, enhance heart function and aid weight loss, so there are more than quite a few variations available.1 

At Surlean Foods, we can create custom soup recipes for our customers to capitalize on the most recent flavor trends with the functional benefits consumers seek. Our Research & Development Team has crafted many different types of soups varying in flavor, thickness and particulates — from traditional Mexican soups to Southern comfort, meaty chili soups and more. Reach out to us to discuss how we can create a soup to improve your menu or reduce costs on your current selection.

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