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Hit Refresh On The Trends For 2022

Stacy Bailey

As the trajectory of the pandemic continues to cast an uncertain future, it’s difficult to forecast new trends. So how does one feed consumer hunger for new and interesting dining options, at a time when no trendy flavors are rising to the occasion? For those looking for an answer, food futurist Liz Moskow, Vice President of Brand Development at Nextbite, suggests refreshing the trends of 2021 and adding another layer of innovation to recapture popular tastes in the coming year.  Here are a few places you can get started.1

Plus up comfort food to create new cravings

The search for comfort continues in the form of familiar, favorite foods. You need to keep the appeal of old standbys, without going stale. To solve for this interest, you can layer on a new spice. Or add a new global flavor. Or create a new product and message. For example, Moskow and her team are testing breakfast-fried rice. It’s what she calls, “Comfort Plus.”1

Making the dining experience special makes all the difference

There’s been a surge of takeout and delivery orders in the last year. Now, consumers are choosing to dine in restaurants. And they want something extra; something unavailable to them ordering carryout or delivery. If staffing permits, provide extra service to make your customers feel special and cared for. Moskow recommends offering something customers can take home with them to add to the experience, such as a recipe for a signature dish or a house-made cocktail mix.1

Use existing ingredients and equipment to surprise and delight

Cross-utilizing ingredients to create a delicious, easy-to-deliver menu items and using your current equipment and labor to expand your menu are smart ways to launch a virtual brand.  But that’s not the only way to enhance your appeal. You can better reach your audience by adding offerings like bottled cocktails, or branded conveniences like signature seasonings and hand sanitizer.

Be environmentally conscious with your packaging

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, the pandemic reshaped views related to sustainable packaging. Now, more than half of US consumers are “highly concerned” about the environmental impact of packaging.”2 As a result, more manufacturers are creating packaging that’s compostable and holds well during delivery. Moskow points out that while sustainable packaging is very important to consumers, so is packaging that can go in the oven to be reheated.1

Variety is the key ingredient in 2022

Thinking outside the box and reimagining what’s familiar and what’s favored is the way to appeal to consumers and their palates. Here at Surlean Foods, we can create custom products featuring a twist on existing ingredients or make comfort even easier to order off your menu.

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