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Mexican Dishes are Muy Bueno!


Mexican food is a crowd favorite, liked by both adults and kids.  Established in South Texas, Surlean Foods has been developing and producing Mexican food recipes over the last 40 years.  Over time new ingredients and dishes have gained popularity. Based on the latest trends from Datassential SNAP, here are a few up-and-coming trends and dishes to consider adding to your menu.

Queso is found on 17% of menus and has grown in menu penetration by 21% since 2015 (Datassential SNAP, 2020).  It is versatile and can be served with tortilla chips or used in the center of plate applications, including tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, and enchiladas.  It is a great way to add crave-able, creamy, cheesy flavorful across the menu.  Queso is found on a full range of menus from QSR to fast-casual and mid-scale to casual dining.  (Datassential SNAP, 2020)

Chorizo reached 17.9% menu penetration in 2020, according to the Datassential SNAP.  It has grown 12% since 2015, and consumers are getting more comfortable with chorizo, sometimes menued as spicy Mexican sausage.  Chorizo plays across all dayparts and is excellent in breakfast dishes like omelets, bowls/skillets, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and tacos.  It is equally flavorful for lunch and dinner in nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and often used as a topping for queso or even burgers.  QSR, fast-casual, midscale, and casual dining all utilize chorizo because of its ease of use, impactful flavor, and versatility.  (Datassential SNAP, 2020)

Mole is still new to some consumers, but its popularity and menu penetration has grown to reach 5.7% in 2020.  It has increased by 13% since 2015.  Mole is most often paired with chicken, 61.8% of the time, and can be found in a variety of dishes, including chicken or beef entrees, tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.  (Datassential SNAP, 2020)

Al Pastor has also gained popularity, up 41% since 2015, now found on 3.6% of menus across QSR channels, fast-casual, midscale, and casual dining.  This traditional pork dish is typically cooked on a spit and often paired with pineapple for a sweet and savory flavor combination.  It most often is found in tacos and topped with fresh onion and cilantro.  (Datassential SNAP, 2020)

Tinga is still considered to be in the inception phase of the menu adoption cycle, but it has grown 74% on menus since 2015.  It is most often used as a filling in tacos or toppings for tostadas, but it is starting to make its way into nachos, bowls, burritos, sopes, and taquitos as well.  This traditional Mexican dish is made with shredded chicken, chipotle sauce, tomatoes, and onions.  (Datassential SNAP, 2020)

Surlean Foods makes many delicious products in the Mexican food category, including adapting all of the trends above plus other recipes, including:

  • Dips – queso, queso fundido, cheese sauce, bean dip with or without meat, chili con queso
  • Sides – Mexican street corn, charro beans, seasoned black beans, refried beans
  • Sauces – red & green enchilada sauce, sour cream sauce, mole
  • Soups – pozole, tortilla
  • Taco Meat – beef, turkey, chicken, or plant-based crumbles
  • Chorizo – pork, chicken, or plant-based crumbles
  • Shredded Meats – barbacoa, pork carnitas, shredded chicken, plant-based shreds
  • Slow-Cooked Mexican Favorites – al pastor, tinga, carne guisado, birria, chile verde, chili con carne
  • Desserts – arroz con leche, sweet corn cake

We are a custom food manufacturer for the most trusted brands in the chain restaurant industry.  Confidentiality and proprietary recipes are our expertise.  If any of these products caught your eye, contact us today to learn more. 

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