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Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Stacy Bailey

The Current QSR Climate

Ongoing supply chain challenges are forcing QSRs to transform how they operate, seeking technologies to mitigate pressures.From menu changes and delivery delays to product shortages and increased cost of goods, QSRs face historical problems and are bracing for an unknown timeline until business as usual.1

A November 2021 National Restaurant Association survey revealed that 96 percent of operators experienced supply delays or shortages of key food or beverage items in recent months.1

An additional eight in 10 said they experienced similar problems with equipment or service items.1

The Dilemma: Fulfillment Shortages and Increased Costs

As more QSRs reopen to standard capacity, business owners and operators are experiencing challenges not seen in decades.1 Food costs have increased due to shortages of main ingredients like chicken and corn. Supply chain lines are jammed, creating pockets of scarcity and additional increased costs that are passed down to consumers.2

The supply chain issues begin at the grower and manufacturer levels — there are simply not enough people harvesting produce, or enough healthy and available workers maintaining the production lines going across the manufacturer base.1

Shortages of approximately 70,000 truck drivers a day and a lack of workers to offload ships or drivers to transport goods throughout the country contributes to this historical labor strain.1

These issues coupled with the “Great Resignation”— workers who have not yet returned to the workforce or have resigned from their positions — make for unpredictable and vulnerable times.2

Our Solution: On-Time Delivery & Support

Surlean Foods will partner with you to help your operation successfully navigate these issues.  Our approach to quality assurance meets the industry requirements and the custom quality needs of our customers, and our high-quality standards have won the respect of the industry.

Today more than ever, operators must hold suppliers to the highest quality standards through audits and approval processes to ensure your products meet your specifications. At Surlean Foods, we know how important assured supply is to our customer’s operations.

Our Solution: Customization with Flexible & Scalable Options

Surlean Foods partners with our customers and provides the flexibility and scalability to help determine the best distribution for their needs — with multiple transportation methods and customized distribution, as well as centrally-located regional plants for ease of distribution throughout the U.S.

We can help your business meet specifications, and we pride ourselves on our 100,000 sq. ft. state of the art facilities in San Antonio and Dallas.

Our Solution: Uncompromising Quality

At Surlean Foods, we know how important assured supply is to your operations. Whether buying a least-cost formulation protein item or ingredients for customized, on-trend products, we’re ready to be your partner.

Learn how Surlean Foods can help you meet specifications, avoid shortages and experience complete, on-time delivery. To start a conversation with our team, visit

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