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As we’re transitioning from fall into winter, soup season is in full swing.  We at Surlean Foods love soup season and want to share what is trending in soups this year. According to Datassential, the soups with the highest menu penetration are chicken soup, chowder, and tortilla. However, flavors with the most growth over the last four years include:

Cream of Tomato – 18.8%

Pozole – 18.1%

Mushroom Soup – 17.1%

Beer Cheese – 13.4%

Bisque – 11.9%

Butternut Squash – 9.9%

Slow cooking capabilities allow Surlean Foods to produce a wide variety of soup types for restaurants, including all the flavors mentioned above and more.  They can be made in either full strength or concentrates and just add water.  Hot filling capabilities mean our soups deliver the highest level of food safety, and reheating in the bag reduces cross-contamination during the preparation back of house. 

The flavor varieties above are thought starters. At Surlean Foods, we customize everything about the products we make for our customers.  This includes the recipe, package size, quality checks, and even delivery.

Could your menu benefit from adding soup?  Have your varieties been around for years and need a refresh?  Contact us today to get started on your soup recipes for 2021!

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